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CrossFTP Pro/Enterprise is a powerful Microsoft Azure blob storage client. It helps to do uploads, downloads, backups, site to site data migration, schedules, and synchronize Microsoft Azure blob storage with ease.

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Connect to Microsoft Azure

See this article for details (link).

Create a Container

Each of the files and folders stored in Microsoft Azure is contained in a container. It's like "top level folder" or "top level drive".

To create a container in CrossFTP, just go to the root folder \, and choose Create a new Folder. That top level folder represents a container.


  • Client Side Encryption - this can be enabled for all uploads by Sites -> Site Manager -> Security -> Local Encryption for File Transfer -> Enable encryption. For more details, see this page.


GZip based data compression is supported, just choose Sites -> Site Manager ->Options -> Data Compression. After that, all files upoads for this site will be automatically compressed. In the log window, you should be able to find the messages like "GZip Compressed". In the Metadata file, you should be able to find key "crossftp-compression", and value "gzip". The download process will automatically uncompress the files.


You can generate all types of URLs by right click on the objects, choose URL..., and press Generate. It can used to generate the normal URL and paths


Large files can be uploaded in parallel by the Multipart upload feature in Azure. You can setup the part size at Tools -> Global Options -> S3/Glacier/Azure -> Multiupload Part Size.

Direct Azure to Azure Copy

If you want to copy files from one Azure location to another Azure location, or account, without passing through the local computer, you can simply open the source and target S3 location on the left and right panels respectively, and do the transfer. All files will be copied directly on the Azure server side.